AWWA and NFPA recommend that all tanks be inspected every 3 to 5 years.

MIT provides the most efficient process for removing sediment from your water tank. Your tank remains on-line and in-service during the entire cleaning process, without any adverse effects to water quality. This allows you to continually provide water to your clients during routine maintenance as well as maintain necessary fire protection storage capacity.

Diver and equipment will be rinsed with 200PPM of chlorine scrub and spray down method. A Kirby Morgan commercial diving helmet mounted light with digital audio/video recording system to document narrated inspection before and after tank cleaning.

Sediment levels will be reviewed by dive team and utility personnel. All sediment of quoted amount will be removed from the tank floor. Sediment and water will be suctioned and pumped out of the tank. Trash pump will discharge water and sediment onto the ground, drain and or sediment bag with an option of being de-chlorinated.