Concrete Lining

Surface Preparation:  Allow new cast-in-place concrete to cure a minimum of 28 days at 75°F (24°C).  Abrasive blast, high pressure waterjet (10,000 psi to 30,000 psi per ) or mechanically abrade concrete surfaces to remove all coatings, linings, laitance, curing compounds, hardeners, sealers and other contaminants and prepare concrete surfaces in accordance with NACE No. 6/SSPC-SP13 Joint Surface to provide a minimum ICRI-CSP 5 or greater surface profile.

Verify dryness of concrete:  Relative humidity should not exceed 80% (Reference ASTM F 2170 “Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete using in situ Probes").

Large cracks, voids and other surface imperfections should be filled.

Cove:  Use Series 218-1000 | MortarClad and 20-25 lbs. of multi-purpose clean sand (conforming to ASTM C 33) to build a 45° Cant Cove approximately 1" to 2" in height/depth at the floor-to-wall transition.

Filler / Surfacer:  Series 218-1000 | MortarClad; fill cracks and apply a full parge coat, 1/16" up to 1/4" per coat and not to exceed 1/2" thick in two coats.

Lining:  Series FC22 | Epoxoline (PC-Spray); 20.0 to 30.0 mils DFT in one coat (NSF allows up to 50.0 mils DFT)

And the same lining is suitable as a one-coat lining for steel tanks too:

Carbon Steel Lining

Surface Preparation:  SSPC-SP5/NACE No. 1 White Metal Blast Clean to create a dense, uniform and angular anchor profile of 3.0 mils minimum

Lining:  Series FC22 | Epoxoline (PC-Spray); 30.0 to 50.0 mils DFT in one coat